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Grocery List Printable

So, since I often use this grocery list at home, I thought I would share my Publix grocery list template with y’all. 

Now this is the Gulf Shores, AL Publix, I know they all aren’t the same, but this is divided into general sections/aisles that are in every grocery store. If you wish to change it, I will sent you the editable excel file if you want! Just fill out the form below and I will send you a copy:

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The  grocery list is split into 3 columns and shows the main departments of the grocery store: Fresh, Frozen, and Dairy. There are also places for notes, and “Look for This” (right in the middle) for when you have a random ingredient and you don’t know exactly where it is in the grocery store. 

At the top there’s a spot for what you’re cooking, and where to find it. For example: 

Recipe: Fried Green Tomatoes 

Book, Page #, Website, Etc.: thatsquareplate.com

The list goes through the store as I would, every trip. I always take the same route: start out with the Fresh stuff/Bakery, on the right side of our store and finish at the dairy section on the left side of the store. I left big blanks for fruits/veggies, just because we try to buy a majority of fresh ingredients from the store for recipes. 

Basically, the inside of the list is whats on the INSIDE section of the grocery store (canned items, ethnic items, baking, snacks, etc.) And the outside of the grocery list is what is generally on the OUTSIDE of the grocery store (fresh veggies, fruits, meats, seafood, dairy).Grocery List

I keep a list on the counter (right above the trashcan) all week long, so as we run out of something, I’ll add it to the list. Rocky does the same… so by the time I’m ready to grocery shop, we have our necessities on the list and then I may add a few more things if I’m making something special for the week. 

I hope you find this as useful as I do for planning out grocery shopping. I always want to take the least amount of time possible, and this list helps streamline the whole process. I make about 10-20 copies at a time, and keep them nearby, so when we finish one list, we can pull out another blank list. 

Let me know what changes you’d like to see, and I will possibly add more grocery chains (even though I mostly shop at Publix since it’s like 5 minutes away!) 

Click here for the Printable Publix Grocery List PDF

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